Release Date: 19 October 1973

The path of love, they say, never runs smooth, especially a path which has its beginning in a prison.

JOSHILA' is the saga of such a love story, which blossomed within the shadow of the prison walls, between a convict and a poetess. A love that could not reach consummation until it was tested by blood and fire and went through a series of hair-raising exciting adventures.

Amar (Dev Anand) a young man was convicted to long-term imprisonment for a murder he did not commit, but was pinned on him by the evidence of the very witness whose life and honour he had tried to save. Nobody could see his innocence, besides Shalini (Hema Malini). A beautiful young poetess, sweet and innocent as a flower, one who meets the Joshila Amar in the grim shadows of the prison-walls. Shalini is amazed to learn about Amar's past and his innocence. Fate separates Amar from Shalini when he comes out of jail. He goes straight home to his family, and is shocked to see their desperate condition, especially that of his mother who is struggling through life by taking orders of stitching clothes for people around. His sister on the other hand had to take up dancing in a night-club. Amar's blood boils to see their pitiable condition and he rushes for the first job he can get. His new bosses wife turns out to be Sapna, the same girl who had loved Amar in the past. A love which was the victim of circumstances and destiny.

Seeing her, Amar goes away quietly, not willing to have his past raked up before this beautiful young women again. Seeking solace and in an attempt to forget his past, he goes to a night club. Here Amar meets Madan Lal Dogra, an old acquaintance from his days in jail. Dogra seems obviously wealthy now and he promises to take Amar along on a strange assignment.

What is this mysterious assignment?

Impersonating Dogra, Amar reaches the huge mountain estates of Thakur Sahib, a wealthy landowner who is confined to life in a wheel chair due to a serious accident that made him a cripple. Here Amar meets Madhu Thakur, the voluptuous and intensely attractive young wife of the crippled Thakur Sahib. Madhu casts a strange spell over Amar and draws him irresistibly into the fascinating web of her charms. Amar finds Madhu overwhelming. He also meets Kundan her paramour, who along with Madhu, has woven a plot to murder Thakur Sahib.

And, as Amar is blackmailed and dragged into a foul murder plan to kill the man who has given him a new lease of life, our Joshila gets a big shock. He comes face to face with Shalini in this huge place, and he is trapped for his love of Shalini and fear for the safety of his family. Amar has no other way out but to follow the evil plan.

'JOSHILA' takes the audience on a veritable safari of scenic beauty, fiesta of songs and dances and a romance as fresh as a dew kissed bud of rose.

Director: Yash Chopra

Producer: Gulshan Rai (Trimurti Films)

Starring: Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Rakhee, Pran, Bindu, Madan Puri, I.S. Johar

Music: R.D. Burman