Digital & New Media

YRF-MusicYRF has always been a digital frontier with many digital-firsts to its credit. From being one of the first film production companies in India to launch its own website in 1997, to being the first to deploy movies and music in the digital ecosystem, it has successfully been able to explore digital medium as a means of communication, as well as revenue-generation.

The Digital division manages global distribution of YRF content across all key digital media touchpoints. This includes music management, deployment of full films on streaming platforms, digital rights management, licensing of audio and video content etc., along with digital community building and audience engagement development, with an objective to build a solid digital presence for brand YRF.

The Digital division has launched the YRF Music FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) channel, a linear feed streaming on domestic and international platforms.

YRF has always been future ready and will continue to dive and scale into the emerging realms of possibilities.

Point of Contact
Mr. Anand Gurnani (Vice President – Digital & New Media)
Mr. Dilip Patil (Associate Vice President – Digital & New Media)
Mr. Rajesh Gurnani (Senior General Manager – Digital & New Media)


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