YRF Marketing

In our business today, the most valuable currency the audience has is their time and they are very sure how they want to trade it. Also it is no longer just enough to create buzz about the movie. To compete for their attention we need to provide a compelling reason for them to go to the theatres and experience our movies.

As YRF marketing team, we respect and recognise this audience behaviour and have always strived being at the forefront of content marketing. Every film and talent is different than the other. Positioning and marketing each one to its relevant audience is one of the most challenging tasks that the team relishes and takes pride in globally. Armed with various marketing and business tools, the team develops and deploys full marketing mix that includes product positioning, communication, innovation and channel-specific propositions.

YRF’s marketing team is an eclectic bunch. A collective of people from marketing, creative, media, business, tech, analytics and finance background. All together working towards a common goal. Keeping the audience at the centre.

Point of Contact
Mr. Manan Mehta (Senior Vice President – Marketing & Merchandising)
Mr. Amit Dwivedi (General Manager – Marketing)

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