YRF Television

1st January, 2010 marked the entry of 'YRF Television', a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. on Sony Entertainment Television - India's leading television broadcaster, ushering a new wave of television viewing experience.

The offerings from YRF TV was 'distinct' in its look with fresh, contemporary and engaging storylines that reflected the dreams, aspirations & passion of young India and was attuned to deliver 'a unique and novel television viewing experience'. The 5 shows of the first season - '1 non-fiction' (Lift Kara De) and '4 fictions' (Mahi Way, Rishta.com, Powder & Seven) were daringly different, contemporary and in line with sensibilities of modern Indian family.

The second season of YRF TV saw the launch of 2 new fiction shows (Khotey Sikkey & Kismat). YRF TV remained committed to deliver a unique and novel television viewing experience, which was aimed to set the bar higher with its content and production values.


TV Series



Lift Kara De: 20 Weeks, 20 Super-Stars, Lives will Change
Lift Kara De

Mother of all reality shows on Indian television - 20 of India's Biggest Super-Stars will be on one platform. Each week will feature 1 Super-Star and their biggest fan and lives will change. Hosted by one of India's finest directors - Karan Johar, this "Unique, Indigenous" format will give hope and lift the spirits of the entire nation.



Mahi Way: First contemporary representation of a young girl on Indian television
Mahi Way

Imaginative, unapologetic, creative, she wants everything in life... that's Mahi for you. A young 25 year old, she is positive, carefree and fun-loving. She has the same dreams and ambitions which any girl her age - a successful career, make a name for her-self and a prince charming who will walk in to her heart & life! Un-affected by doubters around her, Mahi is going all out to lead her life her way - Mahi Way!



Rishta.Com: Today's take on the most traditional institution of 'Marriage'

2 young, good-looking, charming, and completely opposite personalities - Isha & Rohan, have formed a company to find you that perfect match. In today's India finding that perfect life-partner is not that easy, every person has a viewpoint, a unique requirement and vision of their soul-mate. Through all the quirky requirements, fun and emotional roller-coaster, whatever be the requirement, India will find its match on Rishta.Com.



Powder: Coming of age of thrillers on Indian television

2 Men on 2 different sides of the law - take a fight all the way to the end. Set against the narcotic trade in the back-drop of today's Mumbai, this fast paced, high octane drama moves from murky by-lanes to glitzy high rises, from ordinary people to power players, from those who believe in might, to those in what's right. Gritty, realistic, contemporary - Powder is a thrilling experience like never before on Indian television.



Seven: India's first cutting edge special effects action-adventure show

Inspired by mythology, set in today's world, this special effect visual extravaganza will see 7 ordinary people from different parts of India with extra-ordinary powers fight the ultimate battle of Good v/s Evil, to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world.



Khotey Sikkey: Ek Pack mein paanch Ikke
Khotey Sikkey

Khotey Sikkey is the story of this unlikely gang of five privileged youngsters and one stubborn cop who manage to solve various crimes in an unorthodox manner and emerge victorious. It is also a journey of their own self-realisation as they find themselves doing something useful for a change while Deshmukh's initial derision for them changes to reluctant appreciation.



Kismat: Estd 15th Aug 1947

The show revolves around the two central characters – Aditya Merchant, heir to one of the richest industrialist families, is born with a golden spoon. And Kabir Khan, though born to Muslim parents, is adopted by a Hindu family and is fated for a life full of struggle.

But KISMAT rules that both Aditya and Kabir's paths must cross & change their lives forever.